COGITI English for Engineers ® is a course that develops communication skills and specialised English language knowledge for engineers and technical professionals. This is an engaging series of highly interactive live and online modules will help you to communicate more confidently and effectively in English.


The main focus of these intensive English courses is on Rapid Learning for Communication in Spoken and Written English.


Our highly qualified English teacher set students clear learning objectives, using the latest modern teaching techniques to provide language practice in speaking, writing, listening and reading and help you to improve English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.


We aim for you to learn to:


  1. Improve speaking and listening.

  2. Practice of engineering vocabulary useful language and phrases for the professional workplace.

  3. Revise useful English grammar.

  4. Apply business verbs and phrases, describing industrial and technical processes.

  5. Read reports and articles on up-to-date engineering issues on a local and European level.

  6. Discuss current topics from guest speakers, relevant websites, magazines and video.

  7. Listen to reports from current sources on the developing EU, national and local projects and opportunities including comprehension questions.

  8. Write professional emails, text messages, responses and enhance presentation skills.

  9. Pronounce English better, 'break the accent' develop vowels, tempo, fluency and clarity in speaking.




We aim to give you a headstart in your language, the personalised strategy in our interactive classes can offer an advantage. 


Our strategy involves ‘active communication’


  • Applying new media in class.

  • Language training in speaking, pronunciation and fluency.

  • Daily revision and follow up.

  • Meeting partners in your industry.

  • Using language in a controlled setting & encouraging communication.


Course characteristics


  • Two weeks, english course total duration: 20 h (two hours per day).

  • Timetable: 17.00 p.m. to 19.00 p.m.

  • Online live classes.

  • Minimum level of English: B1

Course extras


The course is designed for your maximum English experience. In addition to intensive language learning, we also offer the following advantages


  • Conferences from experts.

  • Materials: booklets, handouts and full-online course material.

  • Daily interactive homework activities.

  • Access to recorded classes when the course have finished.


The English language classes also include an evening of Irish Culture, which has traditional music and a pub visit, history and culture.


These specialist and fun English lessons will provide students with a unique and enjoyable knowledge of the local people and culture.



Standard Price


Special Offer for Members of Companies with Collaboration Agreement with COGITI


Special offer for Colegiados (COGITI Members) and AERRAAITI members


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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, it goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

English for Engineers

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