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Watch a short trial class where the teacher gives five tips to speak better in English. Also he explains ten common mistakes that Spanish people commit when they speak English.

John Kavanagh

Course Tutor

The course is presented and facilitated by John Kavanagh.


John has over ten years experience working with students in language development and has taught in both Germany and Ireland. He has worked in facilitating language classes for professionals. He has created courses in general English, exam courses, Cambridge and IELTS in ESP (English for Specific Purposes) working with members of the business, medical, legal, technical, nursing and engineering sectors). John has collaborated since 2014 with COGITI, making and teaching the English for Engineers Course.


John loves travel, meeting people from other countries and of course learning languages. John is passionate about learning and encouraging creativity, John runs the courses with an effective technique and a personal and familiar touch.


John enjoys trying maths and science and finds engineering fascinating. John speaks both German and Irish, he is currently learning Spanish. His biography is still developing. True Learning is a  language training service for language students and it provides training in class and online, visit True Learning



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