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NEW COURSE DATES FOR AUTUMN 2021 - Live Classes Online Edition (Three weeks).

AUTUMN - From October 4th to October 26th

Topics on the 25 hours intensive course include:


·  Practice of Engineering vocabulary useful language and phrase in the professional workplace.

·  Revise some useful English grammar, at intermediate & upper intermediate level.

·  Learn business verbs and phrases, describing industrial and technical processes.

·  Talking about engineering and making small talk, developing presentation practice.

·  Practice useful tips to improve speaking, listening and pronunciation at meetings.

·  Read reports and articles on up-to-date engineering issues on a local and European level.

·  Hear about current topics from guest speakers, relevant websites and video.

·  Listen to reports from current sources on the developing EU, national and local projects and opportunities including comprehension questions.

·  Enhance presentation skills and write professional emails, text messages.

·  Pronounce English better, 'break the accent' develop vowels, tempo, fluency and clarity in speaking.

·  Do a final exam to obtain a certificate of achievement.


Includes FCE (CAMBRIDGE) and IELTS material for academic use.

Enjoy a new way to learn businees and engineering english from your home

Sharpen your skills & Develop your language

Watch the recorded classes when and where you want

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“The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting

W. B. Yeates

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